Life in a quote #1 \ Dreams

Next week will be true to the motto above-quoted...

I think it honestly is quite a lovely wisdom about one`s dreams and desires. I have had many dreams in my life so far and I`m pretty sure there are a lot more to come. They do change, but when you realise your personal aims - there`s nothing better. I discovered some dreams which weren`t meant to come true, because there were other people to tell me what to do; or I just got to know myself better. I had no idea.

I`ve taken several steps to climb my own mountains on the way to self-fulfillment - or at least to have chances in not ending up in a job I can`t stand... I`m only one step ahead to my favourite university (I`m really dying to get in there) and as far as I know: It`s all up to me. Other than for different university applications, grades and placements do not matter (not too much, frankly). It`s all my motivation (and a bit of my experiences) that counts.

Of course, I can`t know if it`s the right track, on the one side. On the other, I do know that it`s not completely plucked out the air. It weren`t my parents that gave me little incentives - I did, on my own.
I accepted any offer to broaden my horizon. I caught fire and thirsted for new projects that would prove my abilities. I successed in many parts, though I also learned what to give and let go.

The prime thing is: I loved what I did and in any issue I acted with sparkles in my eyes, passion in my soul and an enormous bunch of enthusiasm, I was self-motivated. It wasn`t my brain that told me to whom I`m up to. It was my heart. I know who I am and who I want to be, finally.

The quote is about not merely accepting one`s fate, but to make the best out of everything, in one`s own way. Good fate, call it luck, can push oneself in the right track. In the end, one has to walk with his own feet.

Do you have a dream your fighting for?
Let me know.


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