Time to talk about... Friendship

I know, it`s been a long time since my last post and I really apologise for that. I `ve been very busy, there were several film projects and I had my own radio broadcast show on "Cambodia" - evolved from a cooperation between my university and the Royal University of Phnom Penh. Not to speak about the essays on medieval philology...

There also were a lot of wonderful nights we spent outside, on a blanket in green knee-high grass, candle-light and a uke. Lots of nights for talking and philosophying. I got to know who to really care about - and not. I deepend certain relationships to study mates and came to the point where I actually missed them after them not being around my place for a couple of days. With some I can even work efficiently and still can be friends with - a challenging issue for media students, having to make projects with friends.

Somewhere at the mid of my first semester holidays I had a totally superflous iceskating accident... two hours of perfect iceskating without any falls, and then, just five meters from the exit I had a look behind towards my friends. It happenend just too fast, I could only think "your head is gonna collide with the icy ground" before I actually hit the floor. My friends ran over, tried to help me up, but I couldn`t move at first. After a while I stood up in trance and wanted to sit down, instantly. Back at home I felt uncomfortable and had a big headache. All my back hurt and turning my head to one side or another was almost impossible without crying out. Later I called my friend to get some medicine. She came back with an additional pack of "Energy" tea and a small chocolate lady-bug. The other day I draw myself to the hospital to have a check-up. After x-raying I got some pain-relieving pills and was sent back to bed. Another couple friends came to visit, I really appreciated their presence (and the mother lady-bug). All up 5 days after my unfortunate fall I was the old me again. This incident in particular has shown the reliability of my friends at my new hometown and I was really lucky to have known them.

Recently another friend spent days in the hospital due to stomach ache (and on spec on appendicitis). I visited her everyday after university and brought essentials from her home. Today I picked her up and cooked one of her favourite meals - Spätzle with mushrooms - followed by vanilla ice cream and hot strawberries. She was really happy after the not too attractive food the doctors gave her... I lend an ear and we talked a lot about friendships and people you can rely on in certain situations. Being ill and not capable of doing everyday stuff detects those, to who you are not as important as you would have thought you were. 

Friends are most important in a life, at the beginning of adultry and far away from home. I`m soooo glad to have my fellows around I can really rely on and can talk about everything. It`s so good to know they`re there if you need them, and that`s why I dedicate my personal favourite playlist to all of them - click here for listening to soothing songs on a special relationship!

I hope you guys do too have lads you can count on ;)
Happy Thursday Night!


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