DIY: How to make a wristband for your watch

Is is not always the same... sooner or later, your (leathery) wristband gets broken... what can you do? Fix it with rubberbands? Remove the straps and carry your watch around as a pocket watch? Well, I did often face this problem and in the following I would like to report on what I`ve come up with...

You`ll need:
a watch
two straps (one broader than the other)
a pair of scissors, a cutter
needle & matching thread
and in case one strap does not fit the other regarding colour: 
a piece of fabric 

Actually, this project was in my case some upcycling: The wristband of my favourite watch is broken, the wider strap is from an old DIY project (the strap used to be the strap of a messenger bag) and the fabric piece is from an old cloth.
If you do have two colour-matching straps, leave step 3 and 4 out.

1) Remove the straps with the cutter, but leave the spring. 

2) Get the broader strap and measure, how long it needs to be in order to fit your wrist. Don`t forget to add aditional length to attach the velcro in the end! Take this as a model for your other strap.

3) In case you don`t have matching straps (as I do), take measures on your fabric piece as shown in the image left-hand. Leave about 1 1/2 inches respectively at the top and at the bottom and double it, so that you would be able to 

4) sew the fabric around your thinner strap.

5) Figure out where to cut your broader strap.

6) Only cut as much as you need. If necessary, you can widen the cut later on.


7) Lace your thin strap and your watch to your wider strap.  

8) Turn your new wristband around and sew in the places depicted ahead. This will secure your watch in the right position.

9) Attach velcro. The hook-side belongs to the front at the top of your band, the loop-side to the back at the bottom.

10) Everything`s done. Be proud of your artwork!

Tell me what you think. 
I`d love to see your new watches!


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