5: bags I love to carry around

I really love bags!!! Well, I can still remember the time when I was totally into that scouting-nature-adventure-thing, so I disclaimed bags and prefered waistcoats with a  bunch of pockets. Carrying around my essentials -keys, phone, money- is ok for some occasions, but as I changed my legwear ( I fell in love with tight jeans), it became clear, that I  would not be able to stuff everything in my pockets without looking strange...

So here, they are: My 5 personal favourites concerning bags...

1) This is my one and only messenger bag (by Dakine). It used to be my schoolbag several years ago and with the trend in wearing handbags, this one still serves as a great hand luggage when travelling. You can`t imagine how much stuff you can pack in all the little interior bags... 

2) This one is my first real handbag. In fact it is a shopper. And again, it has so much space that you can even save the planet by denying plastic bags in shops ;) I found this at Accessorize in Vienna.

3) I`m especially proud on this suitcase. It was a bonus for subscribing to a newspaper. Sadly, this one was plain black... or happily? Never mind, it took me about half a week to accomplish the Mickey Mouse "Steamboat Willie" painting. (Yes, I`m totally in love with this Disney character ^^) Because it worked out that an additional suitcase-handle at the side would make a nice contribution to the handiness of my bag, I also attached this soft grip (which I took from another broken gym bag). I don`t have a sewing machine (I`ve been dreaming about one for ages, but I guess I`m still very effective with my handwork...), so a few stitches with a strong needle and a cord, and everything was fixed. This bag is perfect for weekend trips and offers even more space than it looks at first glance. So by now, it has travelled the world - it`s been to Prague, Vienna, Las Vegas, L.A. and even Asia!

4) I got this cute little bag (by Esprit) from good friends just a few month ago on the occasion of my 18th birthday... They said, I would need a bag for going out - and they were right! I love to take this one to clubs and concerts... It offers enough storage for all the essentials I used to carry around in my trouser pockets PLUS a few more things.

5) Canvas bags (along with several messenger bags) were the first I had, ever. I see them the most practicable way to transport things, just fold them when they`re not in use and unfold them again. I especially like this one (by The Body Shop) as it reminds me of a small adventure my family and I had when we were on the way to a traditional three-day wedding in Cambodia. A tiny little snow storm set balls rolling: Our plane in Munich was not allowed to land due to the adverse weather condition, so our flight was delayed for a few hours. Of course, we had chosen a non-direct flight, over Frankfurt and  Seoul to Phnom Penh. Because of the delay, we missed our connecting flight from Frankfurt... We had no chance to get on a plane the rest of the day, so we were given a free night in the airport hotel. The night was relaxing, the breakfast buffet was the best I had ever seen. I can`t remember  the amount of food I ingested, but I can tell - it was a lot! We catched the next flight over Bangkok to our final destination after mum got refreshed in The Body Shop. (She did not like the fact that we would look THAT exhausted at the wedding party) And if you think everything worked like a charm - you`re mistaken. WE did fly over Bangkok, but our luggage did not. It took another three days till we received our suitcases (haha, they had a short trip to Seoul instead...). No need to report that the wedding was one of the most exciting ceremony I had ever taken part in...  

Do you have a bag you can tell life stories with?
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