Tongue Twister Tuesday: Light `n Night

I really ♥♥♥ tongue twisters,clever and/or funny quotes, long words, sayings etc. In alternation with my Tuesday Tunes I`d like to present some of my favourites of the categories listed above, always seasoned with a nice photography or drawing and a music tip. Today, my focus is on how night-lights light up the night...

You`ve no need 
to light a night-light 
on a light night like tonight.
For a night-light light`s a slight light
and tonight`s a night that`s light.
When a night`s light like tonight`s night,
it`s really not quite right 
to light night-lights with their slight lights 
on a light night like tonight.

♪♫ Listen to (On [A]) Night Like This by either Caro Emerald, by Kylie Minogue or by Letters and Lights

Hope you enjoyed it. 
Next tuesday there`ll be another Tuesday Tunes with a lot of cars... 
See `ya 


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