Delayed Weekender-DIY: Bow Bracelet & Canvas Art

As you might wonder, I had an inspirational and creative weekend... I spent my time either in the city with shopping or with DIY on our patio in the at least 25°C degree shining sun.

DIY Bow Bracelet

Because I`m planning to sew a clutch going hand in hand with my prom dress (tutorial by the end of week), I have ordered some satin fabric. Anyway, several weeks ago I found this lovely idea of a bow bracelet and I figured out that this would perfectly fit to my other dress I`ll be wearing at the official graduation ceremony (as you will see in a future post). Because I used this thin satin fabric, I doubled it and had two layers, which I sewed together. Same with the bow knot. In the end I added a glass button. Done.

How to do canvas art

In fact I fell over some inspiration videos and blogs. They explained how to use freezer paper for either printing labels on fabric with an average printer or how to make stencil-like templates to make word art. Then an old canvas came to my mind which was predestinated for another project (that failed). I was looking for an image that was worth an artwork and I decided on my favourite logo. It`s a dog that jumps over the ground. Actually it is a still from my awarded cut-out animation "You Got M@il" . I just love it. Together with one of my favourite life quotes by Walt Disney (my personal version sounds like this: You`ll never know, if you`ve never tried), it does make a nice contribution to my white room wall. 

First I prepared the background with paint and sand paper for some effects as well as a fabric fly screen which was lying aroung my working bench... 

With this idea combined with this technique I tried to transfer my image to the prepared canvas with the help of the mysterious mod podge (which I had left over from the time when napkin decoupages where widespread among Germany. I can still remember the workshops I have visited with my mum at our local craft store at the age of a first grader).

After my image was revealed, I cut out stencils for the lettering from some kind of freezer paper (well, I don`t know if it is, but it worked best), ironed it on the canvas and carefully sponged it with paint. 

As everything has dried, I stapled it on the frame again. I was thinking on a different project first, but practically, it is not necessary to make such an effort - just leave the canvas with the frame where it is.

Doesn`t it fit into my room concept?

Hope you like it.
A bunch of DIY`s soon - I still can`t realize how much freetime I have right now...
Happy Monday night


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