5: Modern Christmas Songs

Christmas is in the air... even if there is no christmas tree and hardly any snow here at my parent`s place, and though Christmas today is not equal what it was like in childhood memories, I`m looking forward to delicious food, cookies, some family time and a little time-out from everyday life. Some Christmas cards to acquaintances, homemade tea mixes to best friends and kitchen tools for my parents - I didn`t spent too much on this year`s gifts, but anyway, the Nativity is not merely about giving and getting presents... However, before I dedicate myself to dinner and a comfy Christmas evening, I`ll squeal my personal 2012 Christmas song compilation that you surely won`t hear too often:

"Shake it up, shake up the happiness
Wake it up, wake up the happiness
Come on y`all, it`s Christmas time..."

"They`re singing Deck The Halls
But it`s not like Christmas at all
I remember when you were here
All the fun we had last year"

"If it`s Chanukah or Kwanza
Solstice, harvest or December twenty-fifth
Peace on earth to everyone
And abundance to everyone you`re with"

"I close my eyes
Think about the path I took
Just when I think these times
Have gotten the best of me"

"Those Christmas lights light up the street
Maybe they`ll bring her back to me
And then all my troubles will be gone
Oh, Christmas lights, keep shining on"

♫ ♪ Click on the titles for instant listening ;)

Have yourself a merry Xmas!
Happy holidays,


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