[OOTD]: My final graduation ceremony dress-up

I`m really sorry for allowing such a long blog post break... I guess, I`ve been busy for several "school`s out"- events... And unfortunately I missed out my picture-question Friday for the first time already... Anyway, let me show you my outfit for yesterday`s festivities:

image on the left:
This was for the award-giving ceremony in the morning... My white satin bow bracelet went along with the little bow on my black and white polka-dotted dress, the Minaudière inspired box clutch in bright red fit to my same-coloured bolero jacket. 

image on the right:
The violet dress-colour was again mirrored in the coloured sole of my ankle tie (which was more a happy coincidence than intent), the black satin bow clutch I recently made rounded out my outfit and made the day ;)

My feet did hurt, but not as much as I would have expected, I catched an contact-allergy whatever, but in the end it was a nice ending for 12 years of school and I hope I`ll be having the chance for other celebrations that add up what I missed out...
Happy weekend!


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