Weekender-DIY: Bow clutch

With the final graduation ceremony, prom also is getting closer... Some weeks ago I luckily found this lovely tutorial from elm street life. I instantly fell in love with this cute bow clutch and I knew, I would really need to do this after all my exams finished. I was looking for some black and grey satin fabric and got started soon.

I changed the original size to 22 x 12cm for the body, 24 x 10cm for the bow and adapted the bow knot to 4,5 x 7cm. I sewed in a 20cm long black zipper. I also left out the wristlet and added a zipped interior bag instead. All in all, I feel the urge to admit that due to my handsewing (I still haven`t got a sewing machine so far...) the final size of my clutch was reduced to 20 x 9cm. Well, it`s big enough for my phone and some pocket money and a few obligatory tissues AND it does fit my violet prom dress BUT somehow I regret making it that small... I guess there`ll be following a few more (bigger ones) with probably different layouts soon ;)

Anyway, my approach:

1) I had an outer fabric ( black polyester satin, quite thin), an interior fabric (grey duchesse satin) and because especially the outer fabric appeared to make the bag a bit jelly-like I used cotton bunting in white for some kind of interfacing. I cut them body-size and sewed the outer fabric to a zipper.                                                                                       

2) Then I took the interior fabric and added an 11cm zipper. Now all fabric pieces were sewn to the exterior zipper. For the bow, have a look at elm street life again. The tutorial in whole is pretty amazing! 

3) I folded the two wings of the bag to left, i.e. the interior should be on the outside. Secure that you are able to open up the zipper again, even from the wrong side up! (I did sew first and had to dissolve all my stitches again, which was quite annoying I can tell) Then sew everything together with the help of a few pins...

4) Open up the zipper and turn the inside out. Congratulations, you`re done! 

Thanks to elm street life for this great bow clutch idea again, it`s adorable!
Have fun with yours ;)


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