DIY: Spiral-bound notebook

Apart from baking homemade pizza with lots of cheese and trying to repair a broken garden stool, I came across an easy tutorial on how to bind several pages to a personal book. Actually, this is nothing new and I`ve been keeping it in my mind since my last project paper. (I love the thrill with deadlines and honestly, I successfully worked on my practical part the night before due and concerning the theoretical essay, I seriously played with the thoughts to bind it myself, which was [luckily] not necessary...) Anyway, some cocktail know-how is needed for next weekend, and because this would be just a small celebration between a couple, I will happily borrow my cobbler shaker in case they loved something classy to drink... They are newbies, so of course, I give them a little introduction in the basics of mixing - vocally and additionally with this wonderful little book:

 It`s really nothing sophisticated, it`s easy and quick to do, so if you have a little time, start now to publish you own books!

You`ll need:
paper to bind
materials to decorate your cover, e.g. spray paint, stamps
a pair of scissors, wire cutter, hole punch, ruler

1) After I used my writing programm on my computer for design etc., I cut all sheets of paper into one consistent size.

2) Cut out cardboard sheets, which are a few inches wider than your paper sheets. Take a ruler and mark the points, where the wire is going to go through. Punch holes.

3) Cut a long piece of wire and contrieve it through the first hole. Secure the end of the wire with a knot or the like. Now thread the wire from one hole to the other - from down-under to up-over. Place a pen between the wire and your book to assure your book to smoothly close and open again.

4) Decorate your cover. I first spraypainted, then stamped it. (I really was in a hurry, I guess)
You`re done!

I hope you could follow my tangential mind...
Good night!
Neary ;)


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