Tuesday Tunes: Feel Good - 11 Tunes To Make Your Day

Though I still missed out last week`s Tongue Twister Tuesday, I finally decided to keep up with some Tuesday Tunes... Today was such a wonderful day! First, I met one of my best friends (well, I don`t like to call someone the superlative of something, but she is kind of... a very very good reliable person to have lots of fun with ^^). We scarved some carrot and banana sculptures before we devoured them together with a bunch of chocolate biscuits, then sang along my ukulele playing and lay around to enjoy the pleasing sun beams. And second, the sun in the end  decided to come out and play... Anyway, it`s almost end of July and the sun`s ought to let the world shine bright ;)

Best conditions for today`s tunes that have the ability to grab you out of your rain-stricken depression...

I`m driving crazy (by Gnarls Barkley) - the sun has decided to come back again, out from somewhere over the rainbow (by Israel Kamakawiwo´ole) and oh, it`s sooo hot!!! 30° degree and all I do is to sweat (by Inner Circle)... For some people it`s the Rama Lama Ding Dong (by Racy), for others it`s the simple sound of the Bongo Bong (by Manu Chao). Certainly, Mambo No. 5 (by Lou Bega) is everybody`s favourite. You ask about the bare necessities?! Relax, take it easy (by Mika)! It`s the lazy song (by Bruno Mars) they play... Just don`t worry, be happy (by Bobby McFerrin)! I lie back into my deck chair and smile: I feel good (by James Brown). You should join in and try, too =D

Click here if you need an acoustical mood-enhancer.

Let the summer be back on the road again!


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