Tuesday Tunes: Break Free - 11 Indie songs for your post study - chillout

I`m so f***ing awesome happy, you won`t believe... Everything turned out to be even more gorgeous than I expected!! It`s not just about university (I told you how badly I wanted to go here and in fact, I love most of the subjects we have), not just about my new hometown, it`s about new friends you find and genial people you meet. We do have a lot of fun. We got out at least twice a week, we go to gym, cinema, club and concerts... The following soundtrack is inspired by those wonderful guys and is, of course, dedicated to them: Here you go!

Sunspark, sunshine, sunlight (by Jacob Brass) - my eyes wander from the balcony (by The Rumour Said Fire) to the meadows on the farmside. It`s not strangled into gray (by Abscondo), but can you seriously imagine life in a cave (by Ben`s Imaginary Band)? Sometimes I feel like swimming in the rain (by Emerald Park) when I`m riding my bike and it`s raining cats and dogs (as often)... Won`t you drop away (by The Atomic Garden), little bike light!? Well, I see, summer is over (by Bryyn). Time to change my sentiment (by Abscondo). Anyway, nothing`s impossible (by The Fresh Body Shop), I`m the conqueror (by Fuck Art, Let`s Dance), and this is everything (by Josh Woodward) I need to say.
Break free and live your passion! :)

Have a click here for the playlist - it contains about 8 of the 11 songs above - you find the remaining through the links ahead.

Happy chilling and a nice mid-week!

PS: Thanks guys for being my company up here, it`s ingenious how you always make my day =D


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