May I introduce: Design Seeds

Today was a great day. Well, of course, I was not too happy about missing this day`s Coldplay live concert nearby. Ok, it would have been no problem to get tickets several months ago, but then I was up to waiting for the new album, then I was busy with other important things and in the end, when I came to the conclusion  that the best gift I could ever give to a good friend would be a concert ticket, those on my budget were sold-out (We then got to a different concert which was really cool, though it`s another league).
Anyway, they streamed the concert live in our radio and this was at least a little solace...

But the most exciting issue today was, against all odds, the lucky happenstance of finding a nice gaff. Before I got the chance to actually see the 22m² flat, I already knew it would be more than ok. The location was ingenious - about 500m from city centre and the rent was on-budget. The size was also above expectation and I was told, there would also be a small bathroom and a kitchen unit.

Now that I have a roof over my head - one month before semester start - and safe in the knowledge that there would also be a bed, a wardrobe, a table and two chairs, I`m racking my brain on how to implement my ideas about the interior design and most of all on how to turn a green-tiled kitchen and bathroom into something that fits my comfort.

I tripped about this wonderful homepage: May I introduce Design Seeds ?

Design Seeds offers a huge colour palette. You can choose almost every colour nuance and have a look at how many other colours would fit yours. Design Seeds suggests several nice colour concepts with interesting titles like bloom drop, flamingo hues or color dessert. Even if the titles may not necessarily emphasize their sincerity, the homepage really gives you a brilliant idea on how to combine various colours. I think I`m gonna assemble  one or two of these colour concepts below for both, the bath and the kitchen to renew the Seventies-Retro-Chic appearance in green-brown:

CC-BY-ND by Design Seeds: Autumn Ceramics
CC-BY-ND by Design Seeds: Desert Bloom

CC-BY-ND by Design Seeds: Ashore Hues
CC-BY-ND by Design Seeds: Spring Dew

CC-BY-ND by Design Seeds: Horse Tones

CC-BY-ND by Design Seeds: Bleeding Heart

I already have favourites: I really like Desert Bloom and Ashore Hues, but I can still imagine alternatives...
Anyway, I will decide when I will have moved in and have seen everything closely enough.

Which one is your favourite?
Happy colour-matching!


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  1. Toller Blog gefällt mir sehr gut. Hast nun deine erste Leserin, würde mich über Gegenverfolgung freuen.


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